The Ark Electronic Technology Company was founded in China. Today it owns a factory in China that has about 5,000 employees. Ark Electronic Technology supplies ODM-products for local brands in China, India, South America, Ukraine, Southern European countries and some of the CIS countries.

In 2015, the company entered the European market and opened an official representative office and warehouse in Prague, Czech Republic.

An extensive range of gadgets 
is produced under the Ark brand name: smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, WiFi routers, 3G modems, and other devices.

Due to competent management and a good understanding of market needs, Ark Electronic Technology developed rapidly: more than 20 million devices were sold 
in the past year.

We were able to achieve such incredible results by producing technology in a wide price range: from simple 
affordable to complex universal models. Each quarter, we release new products with different design and functionalityMoreover, last year Ark Electronic Technology has developed and launched phones and smartphones at an affordable price and high qualityDesigners choose the best materials and colors, and engineers work with the software, adjusting it to the consumer needs.

Quality control department carefully checks all stages of production in order to eliminate any problems and prevent even the smallest defects. In warranty cases the consumer can contact authorized service centers.

The last and most important point is that the company values ​​each client. Our priorities are resolution of any difficulties, desire to engage in constructive dialogue, assistance in mastering our products.

Users can find all information about Ark services and updates on the company's official website, and ask any questions via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..